Sandblasting Sand For Sale

Looking for sandblasting sand for sale? SafeBlast provides high quality industrial blast cleaning media to the aqua blasting and surface preparation industries. Our blast cleaning abrasives are an environmentally friendly, highly efficient and cost effective alternative to red garnet blast media.

Sandblasting Sand For Sale

100% Recycled Bottle Glass

Manufactured from 100% Recycled Bottle Glass SafeBlast sandblasting abrasives are a good general purpose abrasive which can be approved for use in numerous applications where ecological concerns are imperative.

Non-hazardous and Totally Inert

SafeBlast sandblasting abrasives eliminate the health concerns of airborne carcinogens as they are non-toxic, non-hazardous and totally inert. They are therefore safe to use around water and in other situations where abrasive blasting  dust clean-up is of concern.

SafeBlast blasting abrasives do not contain any of the Toxic/Heavy metals associated with mineral abrasives like copper slag and other metal derived blast abrasives.

safe blast abrasives
Much Whiter Metal Finish

Since SafeBlast sand blasting abrasives are translucent, productivity and visibility are greatly improved when compared to a blast environment where more traditional hard abrasive materials are used.

As well as the worker safety benefits involved, SafeBlast abrasives deliver a totally natural and much whiter metal finish than many of the other more traditionally used blast abrasives.

Sandblasting sand For Sale

Advantages of using SafeBlast:

  • Effectively Cleans steel, aluminium, wood, concrete, stone, fibreglass.
  • Superb alternative to Red Garnet and other traditionally used abrasives.
  • SafeBlast gives a thoroughly clean, bright finish to metallic surfaces.
  • Superb for obtaining a well keyed surface for coatings, including paint and other surface coatings to adhere to.
  • SafeBlast glass abrasives deliver extremely low particle embedment (less than 2%) which results in a much whiter, cleaner looking finish to the cleaned substrate.
  • SafeBlast is lighter in weight than nearly all abrasives on the market today. Companies report back they use around 25% less abrasive and some say up to 50% less when working with SafeBlast when compared with mineral slags.
  • SafeBlast is SAFE – it contains no free silica, is chemically inert and completely non-toxic.
  • Inert – you can use it around water.
  • Mohs Hardness of 6.0 – which comparable to mineral slags.
  • Excellent rust-back performance in comparison to mineral/slag abrasives.
  • Contains absolutely no Beryllium unlike mineral slags.
  • Excellent for use on thick, softer coatings. It will not “bounce” back off the surface. It cuts like a knife.
  • Excellent for concrete and brickwork. Leaves no residue, discolouration and no ferrous impingement, etc.
  • An excellent replacement for soda blasting due to its lower cost. It will not leave a PH imbalance on the substrate (which often requires a PH wash solution so that the paint will adhere). SafeBlast will also cut through rust, and soda blast will not.
  • Excellent replacement for walnut shell blasting wooden surfaces as it will not embed into the wood, and thus you do not have to hand sand after blasting. (This can equate to an 80% time savings over walnut shell.)
  • 100% recycled post-consumer bottle glass It is a GREEN abrasive! Made from 100% recycled glass.
Greater Productivity

Finally, SafeBlast abrasives are ideal for the removal of the vast majority of surface coatings as well as typical surface preparation applications.

SafeBlast sandblasting abrasives are extremely versatile and can be used as either a dry blast media or can be combined with water for use in Aqua blasting applications.

Save Money Too! SafeBlast abrasives are less dense than other blast cleaning media’s. This equates to greater productivity due to increased time slots between pot refilling periods and decreased sandblasting abrasive usage.